Internal Self-Awareness: Identifying Your Passions, Interests, Causes, and Skills

Now, let us take the first step towards self-awareness by practicing it internally. As we have previously discussed, internal self-awareness requires that you make a conscious effort to know and understand yourself better. Today, you will do so by identifying your PICS, which stands for Passions, Interests, Causes, and Skills. 

Your PICS is the unique combination of the things you have learned, cultivated, and enjoyed over the years. These four elements were developed over time from your upbringing, educational background, unique experiences, and self-discovery. Essentially, your PICS tells a story of who you are, informed by your past and affirmed by your present. 

Most importantly, your PICS can give you a look into your possible future. Determining your future SHS tracks, college courses, or dream careers can be daunting, but when you explore options that are aligned with who you are, you will find that your path is something you create instead of something you find.