Sports Track

The Sports Track aims to give you understanding of the basic principles and techniques in relation to physical education and recreation. It will also offer you discuss various factors that affect social, psychological, and cognitive development in sports leadership and management. Professions that are related in this track are fitness trainers, game officials, tournament manager, recreation attendant, masseur, or gym instructor.

How many students take this strand?

3,279* students

* According to the DepEd data last September 2016

What are the subjects in this strand?

This is not all about dance and just playing sports. Physical Education includes an understanding of human movements through anatomy and physiology.

Part of the curriculum in the Sports Track is Safety and First Aid. This is to ensure that you have the life skills and competencies in safety, injury prevention and management in various sports and exercise settings for prompt and proper response during emergencies.

Part of the career track in here is for you to learn the right ways in administering tests and programs for physical fitness and performance enhancement.

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What can I do after SHS?

Sports Science

Under the Sports Track, you will gain the skills and knowledge from human physiology to coaching techniques. Become a gym instructor or a game official and have fun while working. This is track is going to be literally work and play.

Physical Therapy

This is a great start for those who will take a degree in physical therapy. You have the chance to touch other people’s lives by helping them recover from their injuries and illnesses.