Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Using this scale assess yourself if you possess such characteristics.


Desire to make one’s life, family and community easier and convenient. You can accomplish this when you let others share the same vision with you.


Being able to bring in imagination and uniqueness that resonates with what many are experiencing.


It’s very easy to get sidetracked especially if you find the original mission already boring. By focus, you can concentrate on your tasks by maintaining uninterrupted attention.


Strong urge to succeed with one’s own initiative.


Possessing intrinsic energy to accomplish a goal in the face of many difficulties.


Able to keep going even when faced with so many obstacles.

Opportunistic Nature: 

Sees the possibilities even before they exist. Can take advantage of an upcoming trend or unite opposing ideas.

Problem Solving Ability: 

Thrives on coming up with solutions to complex challenges.


Able to be organized and be rooted to what will bring stability.


Knows how to stretch every peso so that your expenses are low or zero.


Able to put yourself in another’s shoes and therefore able to show sensitivity.